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Having digital marketing as an architect is more important than ever. In fact, online searching is the #1 way for consumers to find the products or services they’re looking for. As an architect, that means getting your name out in the online world is an important tool in growing your architect business. 

Digital marketing is defined as the process of advertising your business through marketing strategies in order to gain potential customers. Architects will appreciate how digital marketing strategies can efficiently improve and grow their business. 

Marketing your architectural firm means you need to ensure your online presence is one that can be remembered by the millions of people using the internet every day. 

What Does Digital Marketing for Architects Entail?

Ensure potential clients can find you

When you’re looking to increase your clientele list, you’ll need to change how you’re marketing yourself to the world online. This is where digital marketing services become of use to architects looking to get their business off the ground. 

Architects should focus on the marketing strategies that will produce the best results. The strategies that help you become discoverable and boost your online reputation. Without digital marketing, your business as an architect could not reach its potential. If no one knows you’re available, you’ll have a very small list of clients. No one wants that. 

What every architect does want is a long list of happy customers and maximized revenue. Both of those goals are possible when you implement digital marketing strategies that are proven to work. 

The most popular digital marketing services for architects include:

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is any written content (blogs/articles) and video content. This content allows online consumers to create interest in what services you have to offer them. Content shouldn’t prompt consumers to use your services, but instead, give them a little taste of what you have to offer. 

  • Digital PR/Media Outreach 

It’s widely known that digital PR makes your online presence stronger. Digital PR allows architects to establish their reputation as experts in the architect industry. Consumers will be drawn to you if they know you’re the best at what you do compared to your competitors. Let’s be real, everyone wants the best of the best. So you have to position yourself as such. Digital PR also allows you to network with top leaders in the industry. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing on social media can be a successful way of gaining organic traction to your business website. There are multiple forms of social media you can pick from, however, not all forms of social media are for every business. This is because every business is attempting to target a different audience. Think about what your target audience is and which social media channels they are most likely to use – those are going to be the forms of social media you want to focus on. 

  • Effective Web Design

Having a user-friendly interface will allow for increased conversion rates on your business website. Ineffective web design = low conversion rates. If your website is difficult to navigate, online consumers aren’t going to believe it’s worth doing business with you. On the other hand, a website that is easy to navigate increases the chance of visitors deciding they want to work with you.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Millions of google searches are done every day, so where does your business fall on Google rankings? If your business isn’t on the first page of Google, it is very hard to be discoverable to potential clients. Being that most people never really go past the first page of search results, you want to make sure your business is one of the first listed. SEO can help with this. Digital marketing agencies can help with creating SEO-optimized content. This content will contain targeted keywords that will bring online consumers to your website when searched. 

  • PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising 

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising involves targeting the audience who are searching for architects, especially around your city. Using PPC advertising as a digital marketing strategy helps get organic and consistent traffic to your business website. Ads are a normal part of internet usage, and now you can use them to your advantage. 

With all of the ways you can market yourself as an architect, it can seem overwhelming. Nonetheless, just like there are various ways to approach digital marketing, there are various benefits to applying these effective marketing strategies. 

What Are The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Architects?

Get your name out there

Aren’t fully convinced that you need digital marketing yet? You will be after you learn more about exactly how architects can benefit from digitally marketing their brand online. These kinds of benefits can only be experienced by utilizing digital marketing strategies like social media marketing or content marketing. 

No matter which type of marketing you decide to focus on, you can reap the benefits that are mentioned below. 

The 4 main benefits of digital marketing for architects are: 

  • Higher Conversion Rates = Higher Revenue

Conversation rates are a direct result of the amount of revenue you bring in. Low conversion rates are an issue that can be solved by figuring out why your online visitors are leaving your site without taking appropriate action. Web design can be a deciding factor in your conversion rates. This is where an affordable digital marketing agency can help you. They can create a user-friendly web design that’s meant to showcase your strengths and skills as a reputable architect. 

  • Clients Outside of Normal City Range Can Find You

Online marketing allows for a wider range of potential clients to locate you easily. Digital marketing strategies such as social media marketing, get your name out there to a versatile array of potential consumers. The more online consumers you attract, the more chance you have at building a long list of happy, loyal customers. 

  • Ease of Maintaining Communication 

Maintaining a professional, positive relationship with your clients is a crucial part of customer service. Being available online makes it easier to keep in contact with your clients, especially if any issues should come up at any time. 

  • Growing and Establishing Your Brand 

Standing out from the crowd should be your top goal as an architect. Standing out allows online consumers to pick you over other architects. This is what you ultimately want – leverage against your competitors. 

Now that you’re convinced that digital marketing is worth it, it’s time to consider whether you should hire a boutique digital marketing agency

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