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Branding is such an integral part of every small business, and yet many don’t do branding properly. The way you present your business online has a huge impact on how successful your small business is. Everything from the colors you choose for your website to your business logo can affect the longevity of any small business. 

Having a sloppy-looking logo will make people veer away from your business, and the same goes for having a website that isn’t user-friendly. If your business looks sloppy, people will go to another business that presents itself in a better manner. 

As a business owner, branding most likely isn’t your area of expertise. Not everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to branding for businesses, and that’s why branding services for small businesses exist. 

Let’s dive into the importance of branding and how SmallCrowd can help your business stand out.

What Are The Elements of Good Branding for Small Businesses?

The breakdown of branding

Good branding will have an overall positive impact on your small business. People appreciate it when small businesses have a professional, inviting online presence. 

There’s more to proper branding than having an eye-catching logo. Depending on whether you use social media or a website to build your brand, there are a lot of small and big details that go into proper branding for small businesses. 

To have successful branding, it’s crucial to know what it means to have effective branding. Good branding for small businesses includes six major elements. The major elements of good branding for small businesses include:

  • Logo 

Your logo should capture the essence of your business. This is what many customers will remember your business by. Logos are one of the easiest ways to have good, effective branding for your small business. 

  • Font

The font should be easy to read, and not overly fancy or dramatic. If potential customers can’t read the font you’re using, they won’t use your services or buy your products. 

  • Color Palettes Used

The colors you use have an impact. There is research on which colors grab potential customers’ attention. This element can be what customers remember your business by.

  • Tag Lines

Tag lines can be used in social media posts, or in the biography section of your business. Tag lines are another form of branding that will make your small business memorable. 

  • Tone/Vocabulary Used

The way you talk to your customers in messages, reviews, and in any vocabulary used in product/service descriptions. Tone and vocabulary are used to shape how your small business is perceived through a potential customer’s eyes. 

  • Imagery 

Logos aren’t the only imagery that’s important for branding. Any imagery used on a social media platform or website should favor what your small business is all about. 

All six of these elements can end up helping or ruining your small business.

How Branding Can Make or Break Your Small Business

Brand image is everything

Improper branding can really hurt your business and your bank account. Having a website that is hard to navigate will decrease your traffic and sales. Having a logo that isn’t easy to read makes your small business less memorable. Having product/service descriptions that are too long or use redundant vocabulary will make any potential customers look elsewhere. 

Without proper branding, customers will end up choosing other businesses which means you lose out on money. 

You want your business to stand out. 

You want your business to be easily memorable. 

You want your business to grow

Your business will have trouble growing if any part of your design branding doesn’t showcase why potential customers should choose your business. A branding agency will be your best bet at having good branding and getting your business to prosper.


Helping You Stand Out From the Crowd

What to expect when you work with the team at SmallCrowd to help your business stand out from the crowd with affordable digital marketing!

Our Small Business Branding Agency

SmallCrowd’s passion for branding

SmallCrowd aims to make sure the branding for your business is top-quality. By choosing SmallCrowd as the branding agency for your small business, you’re choosing professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. 

When you hire SmallCrowd for branding, you can expect:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom Branding 
  • SEO Optimization 
  • Review Management 

There’s more to branding than having an eye-catching logo that customers will never forget. It’s about how your small business looks online. It’s about how well your online presence appeals to customers. All of the small and big details add up.

Good branding isn’t easy but finding an agency that can help you with good branding is. SmallCrowd can take care of any and all branding needs for your small business. From designing a webpage to creating customized logos, we have your back. SmallCrowd can optimize the branding for your small business, helping your business reach its maximum potential.

Make Your Business’ Branding Unique and Appealing

Effective and creative branding

Being unique and appealing will draw customers to your business. Good branding does wonders for small businesses that are having trouble making a name for themselves. 

People love fresh, new ideas. Does your small business do anything that other businesses don’t? That’s what you need to focus on with proper branding. Proper branding makes customers choose your business over a thousand others. 

Potential customers will choose your brand because they believe you’ll provide higher-quality services or products. The price of your products or services is the least important deciding factor. 

The most common reasons potential customers will choose you over another brand are:

  • You have unparalleled customer service.

Loyal customers love businesses that have excellent customer service skills. No one wants to give their loyalty to a business that doesn’t treat them well. It’s imperative that every customer is treated with respect and kindness, even if there’s an issue. Let’s say the customer has a quick question, it shouldn’t take 3 days for them to receive an answer. Bad customer service like that is a hallmark for businesses that don’t last very long. Customers won’t stay where they don’t feel welcomed and appreciated. 

  • You offer quality services or products.

Anyone can get cheap services or products, but most potential customers are on the hunt for quality. Businesses that do low-quality work or provide low-quality services will never gain clientele. On the contrary, businesses that provide the highest quality work will end up with repeat customers. Having repeat customers is a sure sign of quality. 

  • It’s easy to locate your business online.

This is where the importance of SEO comes in. If your business isn’t easily located, you can bet you won’t get many customers because no one will be able to find you. Making sure your business website is optimized for SEO ensures that potential customers will be able to find you when they search related keywords.

  • You have a trustworthy reputation (ie – good reviews).

It can take time to build a trustworthy reputation. However, being known as trustworthy can take your small business further than you ever thought. Customers will know you’re trustworthy when you have positive, organic reviews. These reviews will show potential customers that the work or services you provide are reputable. If customers know they can trust you, you’ve just earned a loyal customer. 

  • You identify what makes your brand different. 

This is the key to truly successful branding. Customers will choose your business over another because you highlighted an area that makes your brand different. If there are 20 carpet cleaning companies in your area, you want to identify exactly what makes your carpet cleaning company the one a customer should choose. By identifying what gives you leverage against other companies, you give your business the best chance at building a long list of customers. 

SmallCrowd can help your business with any of our specialized branding services. Let us take control over your branding so you can build your dream clientele. 

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