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Want to know how important digital marketing is for law firms? A recent study shows that 33% of all clients begin searching for a lawyer online. If you aren’t using digital marketing as a lawyer, you’re reducing your potential clientele by 33% percent. That’s a lot of revenue to be missing out on as a lawyer. 

Don’t lose potential customers when you can be gaining new customers. Now is the time to learn about how digital marketing can be helpful to you as a lawyer or law practice, and how digital marketing can dramatically grow your business.

All lawyers should be implementing digital marketing into their business. Digital marketing allows you to stand out from all of the competition in your areas. There is an infinite number of lawyers, what is making you stand out? What’s making clients choose you over another lawyer? 

This article will teach you the importance of having digital marketing strategies in place as a lawyer. 

Why Use Digital Marketing as a Lawyer?

The benefits of SEO, web design, and more.

Digital marketing for lawyers must be a priority for those that want to maximize their profits and increase their clientele. Digital marketing differs based on whether you are marketing yourself as a lawyer, or a law firm. Marketing yourself as a lawyer means you’ll need to focus on building your personal brand. Your personal brand shows clients who you are and what you stand for. 

Clients who are in search of a lawyer will choose lawyers that showcase the utmost professionalism and trustworthiness. Positive reviews on platforms like Google My Business are one of the main ways that clients will choose you. Reviews showcase that you are an expert in your field who is respectful and knows how to get their clients the results they want. Clients want to know that they are getting what they pay for. 

By using digital marketing, you can show potential clients that working with you is in their best interest. To become a sought-after lawyer, you’ll need to implement digital marketing strategies that make your law business successful. 

Lawyers need to hold themselves to high expectations when it comes to digital marketing. Clients expect lawyers to look clean-cut in person, and online. Having an unappealing website that malfunctions constantly can seriously harm your business as a lawyer. Conversely, having a professional website that’s SEO optimized will ultimately grow your business. 

The major benefits of using digital marketing services for lawyers include:

  • Bringing awareness to your personal brand

You want your clients to remember your name. You want them to be able to go through your website easily and make the decision to inquire about services. Digital marketing helps lawyers achieve the goal of creating a memorable online brand. If your site isn’t making an impression, you need to hire a digital marketing agency to help make your brand remembered by potential clients. Being remembered is as easy as creating a catchy tagline that clients will remember you by. 

  • Building your brand’s online credibility

It truly does show when a brand is reliable and trustworthy. Reviews are only a small part of what gives you credibility. Brand credibility also comes from digital marketing strategies like having a unique web design. Potential clients will end up doing business with lawyers who have websites that are user-friendly and give off a professional vibe. If your site is difficult to use, you’re more likely to lose clients who would’ve worked with you otherwise. 

  • Showing you have the expertise to do the job

On your website, you can showcase your education, experience, and other credentials that show you have the expertise needed as a lawyer. Don’t think potential clients won’t look for this. Clients feel better knowing that you have the necessary background all lawyers should have. Having an “about me” page on your website will help clients get to know you. 

  • Bringing in clients from outside of your office location

Without digital marketing, you can expect to only receive clients who are in your town. This doesn’t give you a wide range of clientele. However, with digital marketing, clients outside of town will be able to easily locate you. Increasing the range of clients you can serve is one of the major benefits of enabling digital marketing as a lawyer. The more clients you have, the more revenue you will bring in. 

  • Using analytics to see which strategies are helping the most

Digital marketing means using data to see who is your target audience, how much time they’re spending on your business website, and if they take any action before they leave your website. Conversion rates are an integral aspect of digital marketing analytics. Conversion rates are the percentage of potential clients who locate your business and decide to contact you. If your conversion rates are low, that’s a sign you’re in need of new ways to digitally market yourself. 

Each business niche has marketing strategies that will work best. For lawyers, this will include being able to market yourself on at least one form of social media and to have a website that showcases who you are.

What Form of Digital Marketing Helps Lawyers Succeed?

Help your law practice reach its full potential

There are specific forms of digital marketing that lawyers should hone in on if they want to succeed. Not every business will need every digital marketing strategy. For lawyers, there are specific forms of digital marketing that work better than others.

The most constructive forms of digital marketing that help lawyers succeed are:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • PPC (Pay-per-click) Marketing
  • Online Directories such as FindLaw

These are the most popular ways clients find and hire a lawyer. Focusing on these digital marketing techniques will enhance your online visibility. The more visible you are to potential clients, the bigger chance you have of landing high-profile clients and repeat clients. 

Potential clients are going to use the easiest ways to find a good lawyer. Social media and online directories present simplified ways to search for a lawyer that’s near them. Creating a professional social media and website will give you two ways for potential clients to find you. This already doubles your chances of landing work. 

Digital marketing agencies can help manage all forms of digital marketing you’re interested in using. Agencies like this are useful for all the lawyers who don’t have enough hours in the day to sit down and take care of digital marketing themselves. 


Helping You Stand Out From the Crowd

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Hiring a digital marketing agency that can strategize digital marketing for you is the best business decision you’ll ever make. Digital marketing agencies take away the stress of having to deal with marketing on your own. You don’t have the time, but SmallCrowd does! 

SmallCrowd is a digital marketing company for lawyers that aims to help showcase your brand to a wide range of clients who could use your services. 

We can help you with:

  • Review Management 
  • Web Design and Customization
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

These tools can be combined and used to help your business continually thrive. A good lawyer will have good reviews and an appealing website that is SEO optimized. Digital marketing is the greatest approach to building your personal brand online. Building a brand around yourself as a lawyer doesn’t have to be stress-inducing. 

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